Motion's Event Series to Host Timmy Awards Digitally in 2020

Motion's Event Series to Host Timmy Awards Digitally in 2020

This month, North American event series Tech in Motion launched the 6th Annual Timmy Awards, pivoting to go digital, expand nationally and add new awards highlighting those that rose to the challenges of 2020. As founder of Tech in Motion, Motion Recruitment is both excited to be a part of recognizing the best places for tech professionals to work and proud to see innovators in the tech industry celebrated for the good they’re doing.

This year, Motion and Tech in Motion felt it was particularly important to celebrate companies and individuals in tech for their resilience, agility and exceptional leadership in today’s changing world. The addition of two new awards recognizing “Tech for Good” and “Top Enterprise Employers” will help highlight companies creating opportunities and providing employment when the tech community needed it the most.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to showcase how companies are overcoming obstacles and innovating to lift up their employees and communities,” said Matt Milano, President of Motion Recruitment. “We’ve seen so many of our clients adjust to the unanticipated circumstances and remain resilient – and even thrive. We’re thrilled to sponsor the Timmy Awards to highlight these incredible achievements.”

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Timmy Awards At a Glance

In 2011, the Motion Recruitment network of companies created Tech in Motion Events as a way to bring local tech communities together to share ideas and inspire one another. In 2015, Tech in Motion launched the Timmy Awards, recognizing the best places for tech professionals to work.

Aligning with the Timmy Award’s goal of always encouraging inclusivity and the celebration of differences in the workplace, the program is proud to again bring back the Best Tech Workplace for Diversity, Best Tech Work Culture, Best Tech Startup and Best Tech Manager categories. To offer even more opportunities to be recognized, especially in today's climate, the Timmy Awards is introducing two brand new categories to elevate companies making an impact on our lives and the world.

What’s New for 2020?

As stated, the Timmy Awards are back in 2020 like never before with an all-digital experience, two new awards categories, regional and national recognition and the addition of new participating cities.

  • The Tech for Good award will recognize those leveraging technology to connect, support, inform or lift up our communities amid current global challenges and uncertainties. Whether through a product or service, winners of this category successfully answered the call to serve, using technology to organize solutions, improve quality of life, and help others adapt to our current reality. 
  • The Best Tech Enterprise Employer award celebrates an enterprise-level employer that fosters technological growth, inclusion, and invention at all levels. Whether marked by a high volume of tech hiring, impressive retention rate, world class employer satisfaction ratings, or unanimous approval of leadership – top enterprise employers go above and beyond to keep their tech talent engaged. Recipients of this award leverage cutting-edge technology tools, encourage creative thinking and champion professional development and work-life flexibility.
  • Regional Community Favorites now advance to a National Timmy Awards. Regional winners are still voted on and selected in each of our participating Timmy locations by the local tech community, in order to advance. The National Timmy Awards will be selected and presented by an expert panel of judges. For more on the process and award criteria, visit the Timmy Awards website.
  • The Timmy Awards goes digital. The virtual ceremony announcing 2020 overall national winners, complete with surprise guests and entertainment, will take place October 29th. With an expansive Tech in Motion audience of over 200k+ participants and an exclusively virtual program, companies and tech leaders will be able to engage and be recognized from just about anywhere.

Nominate Your Company and Take Home More than a Trophy >>

Think your company has what it takes to win? Visit Tech in Motion’s Timmy Awards website for details on all awards categories and how to complete a nomination form. Nominations close August 24th, so be sure to submit your nomination prior to the deadline.

Any clients or candidates that wish to nominate their company or tech manager, please reach out to your local recruiting contact for details.

Especially with this evolution in 2020, Motion Recruitment is thrilled to sponsor and support yet another year of the Timmy Awards. While the world is changing and the ceremony might be different this year, one thing remains true; our local tech communities deserve to be honored and celebrated for their diligence in creating positive and inclusive work environments for their employees. We can’t wait to see the companies and tech leaders honored this fall!


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